Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just an almost-summer list

The graduates and their families overran our city this last weekend.  We avoided them.

I had a visit with one of the best friends of my best friend.

I got a therapist.

I cooked a few dinners, and they were eaten with gusto.

I washed almost all of the dirty laundry in the house.

I did not clean.

I slept enough.

I am reading printed books again.

We went to church.  It did not suck nor did either boy have a meltdown.  I nearly did, due to noise at the potluck afterward.

Our skittish cat is becoming a world-class snuggler. On her own terms.

My hair is long again, for the first time in 22 years.

Spark will get glasses this month.  That makes all four of us.

The neighbor couple had a baby girl.

Another neighbor is donating their old shed to us.  Hooray for outdoor storage!

We've had rain for four days in a row now.  The thunder has been splendid.

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