Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday: We are Here!

Two weeks ago, I was in denial about summer schedules and something being vaguely awry with Spark's ability to learn to read.  Then school ended and we had a week to ourselves to try and configure ourselves into a new mode of living.

We have now survived our first week of "our family sport is autism therapy," for Primo and summer school for Spark.  It's been profoundly satisfying to know Hero and I could hold the family together for another week.  I still haven't made all the medical and psych appointments Spark's going to need, but I think that'll come this week.

A great reason for things feeling good is that the money situation may be looking up.  This week we applied for the HAARP refinance program for our mortgage, paid off my car loan, and I sold some old jewelry for more than I expected to get.  We may end up replacing our bald tires before the summer's over, after all.

The cats still need tune-ups, though they seem to be holding up all right.  We've been rather neglectful pet owners of late, and there have been a couple of incidents that forced us to reacquaint ourselves with the local vet.  Our 100-year-old equivalent cat, Gracie, has been in slow decline for the last two years or so, and she required some IV fluids and attention for what appears to have been an intestinal blockage.  The big fella, George, is about 8 years old, and he apparently needs dental work.  We woke up one morning to find that one of his lower fangs was poking haphazardly out of his mouth.  It fell out when I touched it, rotten.  It seems that our dental coverage doesn't extend to our fuzzy babies, though.

I've been reading a series of books that were recommended by Mary at Owlhaven, written by Ralph Moody.  My library's set of them is mostly from the 1960's, with that old-book smell and acid-yellowed paper.  The stories Ralph tells are from his life in the late 1800's and early 1900's; they're full of his boyhood thoughts, working with his family, and the seasonal rhythms and routines of years on western ranches.  The stories are reminiscent of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books, but I relish the male viewpoint and the mostly out-of-doors living young Ralph did.

Often, when I'm checking in on my favorite bloggers' writings during the week, I have some fantastic ideas for posts of my own.  Then the next appointment or mealtime comes up, and I'm off the computer to do the required task.  Sigh.  But then, staying busy keeps the depression at bay.  

I don't have time to feel melancholy when I try to be fully present with my sons.  Hero and I have been making specific efforts to be kind and supportive to Primo, setting an example for how we would like to be treated.  Sometimes it works, though I wonder whether the exercise benefits us more than Primo. The boys have been tangling with each other more, though; Spark just doesn't seem to understand the futility of physically fighting against a brother who is twice his size and age.  He rails at Primo like a crazed amateur boxer.  It's been hot, though, and the boys have been cooped up in the house, trying to stay cool in the a/c.  That's breeding an environment where lack of activity makes nerves go on edge.

Another of my favorite blog-friends is Mrs.G from Derfwad Manor.  This Wacky Wonder Woman will eventually visiting my hometown this summer, and I've actually started dreaming about seeing her.  Perhaps it's the amazing journey Mrs. G has embarked upon, perhaps it's the freedom that I yearn for, perhaps it's just the great vistas she's sharing with us, her Derfs.  I am inspired.