Thursday, December 20, 2012

About time for a winter post.

So many things!  The posts pile up in my head and then don't get written.

A blizzard is coming our way.  For those raised in places that get Big Snows, you can relate to that sense of giddiness of a pending snow day.  Added to that is the possibility of an early start to school Christmas break, extra cookies in the house, AND new snow boots, and we have a recipe for all of us brimming with excitement.

All this is after of our third annual Pre-Christmas Weekend Waterpark Escape!  For the third year in a row, our family has had the great pleasure of being treated to an extended-family get-together at a nearby resort complex.  Hero's dad has some kind of condo club membership that applies to this resort, and all the siblings on that side of the family meet up for a weekend of water-filled fun.  There are cousins to play with, lots-o-nothin' to talk about, grownup beverages, and silly movies.

Primo loves the water.  This year's favorite feature for him was the wave pool. If Primo could be in a warm pool for a couple of hours every day, he would be.  That's something we haven't figured out how to do yet.  But escaping into a rhythmic pool of waves once a year is such a treat--he can spend hours at a time swimming, floating, and body surfing.  He gets hungry and deeply tired from the exercise, retreats to the room, and refuels.  It's a beautiful cycle.