Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thankful, January 8 edition

This blogroll on the side of the screen--yeah, all those blogs I regularly read--these writers are special, hilarious, caring, marvelous people.  On the days that I don't have much courage to face the chores or the mystery of my own thoughts, I can still read their words and be strengthened.

I've wanted to write about my transition into married life, into parenthood, into becoming the parent of not one, but two special-challenges kids.  (Yes, we've noticed that Spark has his own issues.)  And I know I will.  But today, today, I just need to day that I am thankful for the people who put their love and their truth into the world.  I am thankful for those people who do the everyday living and sharing, who keep showing up and keep going on.

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